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Why start your morning with a cold wash?

    2018 - 11 - 17

Why start your morning with a cold wash?

We can’t make brighter anybody’s morning, but may we can show some practice, that everybody can build into their morning routine. May getting up is not get easier, but our face can be cleaner.

Let’s discuss it first, what happens with our face when we do sleep? We can think that nothing special. We face with no impact when we do sleep, we don’t do makeup. Just waking up with the same, fresh face we went to sleep.

Unfortunately, we have to say, that isn’t true. Without avail, we don’t have to face with pollution, our metabolism doesn’t stop, our face keeps producing tallow.

hat’s why it is very important to don’t leave our skin without morning washing. If we want to avoid acne, we must start our morning with a fresh, cold face wash. Cold water will be recreation for our skin, removing the tallow and Shrinking of the pores.

Don’t use Soap!

Using soap is also advised to be avoided because its basic ph urges acidic ph producing.

And why the cold water?

The cold water stimulates the circulation, narrow the capillary vessel, tighten the connective tissues, as a result of its demulcent effect reduce the rubescent of the skin and also it makes easier to wake up.
Start your day from tomorrow with a cold face washing, and your skin will oblige it.
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