About us

Hülitzerné Veress Katalin

In 1961 I took cosmetician examination, then 5 years later a masters’ finals. For 45 years, I worked in Vénusz hairdressers co-operative society, in which during the regime change I have become to its chairman. The road to the success was full of blocking and difficulties and sometimes with 12 to 14-hour work a day, but the pleased smile on the youngsters face made it worth it. The shortcoming of the 60`s beauty products and the fact is that I started my loved work near a secondary school made me realize, that the acne skin made for the kids not just aesthetical, but also psychical problems as well. Realizing this sadness made me implement new only natural ingredients based products for oily and acne skin, mainly for their use. I made several patents for these products, named VERMIX -Medical Cosmetics and another brand, named Wound Care products which is perfect for household wound caring by 40 years of experience and everyday success. I introduced many students the efficient way to fight against the oily skin in every days life. I had Hungarian, American as well as Saudi Arabian student too. My tenet is that the oily skin is not a disease. Against acne – caused by genetics and improper nutrition – internal medicines, which can be dangerous about the patient’s life are not the solution. Instead of them, natural, for hundreds of years known, ancient, non-allergenic Medical Cosmetics can help us to achieve the young, beautiful, well-cared skin.

Kattints a képre az elismeréseinkért!
Our products are made by BIOEEL.

Bioeel Hungária Kft is located in Marosvásárhely, founded in 2013 via private individuals, to sell and trade the products of the factory in Hungary. Our mother Company’s history had started 22 years ago in Transylvania with the production of the first cosmetics. That is when the BIoeel trademark appeared. 1994 was the same year when the first production started.