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Heals the wounds.
The healing power of herbs.

Wound Heal Gel

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The VerMix Wound Heal Mix is an excellent solution in case of an accident, let it be at home or during a foreign vacation. Opposite of other ointments, the Gel doesnt block the injured skin, therefore it doesnt obstruct skin-breathing and the cooling effect. Because of its antiseptic nature, it prevents gathering. After saturation removal, it fastens up the wound-healing. Perfect for handling scratches, cuttings or smaller external burns.

Fast and safe healing via herbs.

Septic external wounds, cuttings, saturation can cause unpleasantness like infection or longer healing period than expected.

Unfortunately, we can hear a lot about infection in ambulances. In these times, the best we can do is that we try to fight against germs in as many ways as we can.

Usually, the majority of the wound healing products are just disinfecting or just healing, but there are just a few products, which do all in once. Most of the gels do not let the wound heal, and for this reason, slowing down the healing process. Moreover, during saturation, the wounds become subject of different infections.
The solution is the VerMix Wound Heal Gel

Prevent festering of the wounds with its strong antiseptic effect.

With its cooling impact immediately ease the burning feeling of scratches and smaller burn wounds.

After saturation removal, it fastens up the wound-healing.

It doesnt obstruct skin-breathing, letting the wounds heal up faster.

The Wound Heal Gels small size makes possible to easily carry it on long trips and vacations. Let it be your home pharmacys irreplaceable member and keep your family safe.

Using the Gel, you dont have to worry about allergic reactions, because it only contains natural ingredients and herbs.

The VerMix Wound Heal Gel is being shipped to each individual within 3 days in entire Hungary.