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An antidote to acne.
Eliminating acne with herbs.

Dryer Mixture

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Eliminating acne via herbs

Appearing acne on the face has a negative effect on the daily image.

Oily and pimpled skin lower the self-consciousness, furthermore unattended or not properly attended acne can cause a mark for the time.

Unfortunately, in such cases, doctors can write up extemporal hormone containing medicines, for those who suffer in oily skin, and can cause serious side effects.

Most of the consumable cosmetics contain chemicals, which can cause allergic reactions, such as skin rubescence and rashes.

Not a huge surprise, young adults get disappointed, suffer side effects or get allergic using different products against a pimple.

The solution to this problem is the VerbMix natural drier herbal mixture.

What made the VerbMix natural herbal mixture is a severally decorated Hungarian cosmetic, 45 years of experience and several medical expertise.

Using it, you dont have to worry about allergic reactions, because it only contains natural ingredients and herbs. Thus your skin can be more beautiful and way healthier.

It is hormone free, so it cant cause any unexpected side effect.
With a cotton-piece, it can be applied in a thin layer just right on the face.

Through the sebaceous gland, it can get into the deeper layers of the skin, where it prevents the pinguefaction and its natural active substances are demulcent.

Its refreshing effect not just disappearing the pimple, it also helps to compose a well-mannered skin.

As a result of its demulcent effect, it terminates algesia in touch-sensitive areas.

Due to its antiseptic power, you dont have to worry about a not correctly popped pimple.

Combined with the VerMix face cleaning Tonic its efficiency can be multiplied.

+1 tip from the master cosmetic:

In the morning, its advised to wash your face with cold tap water, then use VerMix face cleaning Tonic. Washing your face with hot water should be avoided because it increases seborrhea. Respectively using soap also advised being avoided, because its basic ph urges acidic ph producing.

The VerMix drier mixture is being shipped to each individual within 3 days in entire Hungary.